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Metallic and metal structures

Our company has accumulated much experience in design and production of light metal structures. Thus, we produce a wide range of metal products tailored to customers wishes, as appropriate, most different from one project to another.

Our projects, from concept to design, are made by a team of engineers and technicians with exceptional training and experience in the field to achieve the metal products by our customers desire.

The raw material is very diverse and best quality. It can work with aluminum, steel, stainless steel etc. Work may be performed by the customer design or, at request, we can make the design.

With existing production facilities (production hall equipped to European standards: lathe, drilling and threading, milling, abkant, calender for VEROLI pipe, welding machines, angle grinder) we execute a very wide range of metallic construction, custom made, after own projects or after beneficiaries projects.

For all our products is possible the electrostatic painting with allmost every color, having available a powder coatin line of high performance and completely automated. Maximum efficiency of metal confection and also of costs of constructions based on metal structures allow maximum economy of material and labor facilitating efficient work and time required for assembly of metal constructions.

Due to the advantages it presents, metallic elements can be used to achieve the most various structures.

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