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powder coating

In present time we have two full lines for electrostatic painting, one of them is fully automated. They cover a high range of different dimensions, the overall maximum size of parts that can be treated and powder coated being 6500mm x 600mm x 1600mm (LxWxH), and a nearly unlimited palette of collors.

These electrostatic painting lines are complemented by a fully automated line of surface tratement, which in turn can process parts with maximum overall dimensions identical to those of electrostatic painting line (6500mm x1600 mm x600 mm).
          Currently we own the most modern technology for powder coating and surface treatment of the center of the country, a technology no different than that used in the West. The investment was started in November 2006 and was completed in March 2009 with a total cost of 980,000 EUR, making it the biggest investment of its kind in the center of the country . This investment was made for the acquisition from the European Union (Germany) of a fully automated line for electrostatic painting (November 2006 - March 2007) and a fully automated line for surface treatment (February 2008 - March 2009 ) . The whole system is interconnected, fully automated and controlled by a computer .

Powder coating is performed using two working station, each with two automatic spray guns, with the elevator, which allows for uniform spray across the surface of the parts. Each automatic powder gun is controlled by a specialized control unit that can be programmed, so being able to choose one of the 255 user-defined programs. There are also two working stations with manual powder guns required for making adjustments on complex shaped parts.

The curing oven is operated by an air - based combustion gas heat exchanger, and the entry and exit area is provided with automatically operated doors. Inlet and outlet sections of the hot air can be adjusted, and the oven temperature is automatically controlled and displayed through a thermal regulator. These specifications make it possible to maintain a constant temperature and uniform curing in the oven. Superior advantages of this owen is revealed during operation , ensuring excellent results in terms of ecology, efficiency and reliability.

Transportation of parts is done using a Power & Free type conveyor, fully automated, provided at the entrance in the electrostatic painting booth with photocells that are designed to trigger powder coating only when the products comes within range of the four automatic powder guns. Surface treatment line, fully automated, it is made up of nine tanks from witch three are with chemical solutions specific for the surface treatment , two with demineralized water and the remaining with tap water, plus a drying oven at the end of the treatment cycle. Surface treatment is performed by immersing the parts, which lead to high quality of surface tratemen.

The concentration of each chemical solution is periodically checked and adjusted by means of special dosage pumps. To comply with legislation and environmental standards, in addition to green technologies that were chosen for surface treatment, the investment consisted in acquisition of a fully automated wastewater treatment line, the line being in compliance with all EU rules.

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