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research and development

Research - development is an essential part of the activities of SC ELECTROSTATIC L.L.C. The research findings have resulted in the creation of innovative technologies to improve corrosion and increase adhesion layer metal structures paint powder coated aluminum.

With this research project , S.C. ELECTROSTATIC L.L.C. participated in the eighth edition of the International Exhibition of Research, Innovation and Invention PRO INVENT, Cluj- Napoca 16 to 19 March 2010, where he obţinutDIPLOMA gold medal. Design and development of advanced technologies in the field with direct applicability in the production process have made SC ELECTROSTATIC SRL to be mentioned in the dictionary INVENTORS CONTEMPORARY volume - II.

S.C. ELECTROSTATIC L.L.C. invests significant percentage of turnover to research and development activities so constantly improve our existing products and more than that to get recipes for new products.

Str. Zizinului nr.121
Brasov Jud. Brasov
Tel: 0268.334.310
Fax: 0268.334.311
e-mail: office@electrostatic.ro


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